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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Homegrown Solution

I finally got around to putting together a little utility to encrypt SAS script/source files. Of course, since SAS won't put out any API's or SDK it doesn't hook into the system directly. You just use an unnamed pipe on a filename statement to use it. The concept is pretty straightforward.

The utility is called Fugu. You can read more about it and download it here. I did a quick search of google before writing it and couldn't find a utility that is small, fast, easy to use and writes to STDOUT. Maybe someone else will find it useful?

Currently I am only offering up a windows binary version, but I also put the source code up there so you can compile it for your own platform. I did compile it using gcc on my linux box and it worked fine.

Speaking of APIs and SDKs, does anyone have the version 6 SAS/TOOLKIT book? I looked all over the place and couldn't find anything useful in online documentation. It is all additional notes to the version 6 book. So, if you've got the book and it's collecting dust, I'll pay for the shipping...

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