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Monday, May 16, 2005

Bad Design

So here I am happily working along in SAS/AF updating an old V6 frame: Make some buttons, a couple listboxes, look up successful return codes for assigning a libref/fileref/opening a data set/ opening a directory/ etc, display a couple rows from a sas data set. Easy, easy, check, easy. Display rows, no problem. I'll just use the new-in-v8 (and somewhat obtuse) model/viewer relationship with a table viewer control. Drop the table viewer on my frame, go to the properties frame to adjust the attributes (that one always cracks me up), stick the SAS data set model on there, associate it with my viewer via the viewers.model attribute/property. No problem. Compile. Run. Click my View Items button. Go get more coffee as SAS does some crazy dog slooooooooooooooow operations to display the data set in the viewer. What the heck?

Quick search on and...

Slow performance initializing data with SAS Data Set Model
If you are displaying a data set with a large number of columns (ie. 100
or more) via a SAS Data Set model that is attached to a Table Viewer or
Form Viewer control in a SAS/AF FRAME entry, you may see slow
performance when initializing the viewer. This is a design issue and
may be alleviated if you instead display your data set through the
Version 6 legacy classes, Data Table or Data Form respectively.

Now I don't have any say in the number of columns in the displayed data set. And I agree, it smacks of bad design somewhere along the line when a SAS data set grows outrageously longitudanal (it's called normalizing people.)

But to call using V8 objects instead of legacy V6 objects bad design? Seems kinda weak if you ask me.