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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Excel Text Wrap

I often work with data sets that have large text columns. Invariably, the long text fields almost always are related to customer complaint data. It seems we are at our most eloquent when we have something to complain about!

Anyways, I often end up pushing these data sets with large text columns into Excel. And Excel takes the text column and sizes it to only show some of the text. To remedy this, I will first set the width of the column to something manageable, then highlight the column in Excel and choose Format->Cells. Next choose the alignment tab and put a check mark next to Wrap Text. This will tell Excel to auto-wrap the text in the column so it can all be shown.

Like most SAS programmers, I end up doing at least some of my data/presentation work in Excel. I know enough to get most things I need done, however I certainly don't know Excel as well as I know SAS. In an effort to increase my productivity in Excel I ask you to send me any tips you have. After a few weeks, I will put them all together and share them on this blog.

Please send your Excel Productivity Tips For SAS Programmers to stephen at pelicanprogramming dot com. Please include your name and the city where
you live.