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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I Git Busy

While I was on vacation, I got a friendly email reminding me that my WUSS 2012 paper was due July 30th.  Yikes!  I had exactly one week to get home and write it.  My mother calls it procrastinating.  I prefer to think of it as Lazy Loading.

So I was a bit busy last week.

But I finished it.  And I think it's good.  At least, I hope it's good.

It is an Introduction to Git Version Control for SAS Programmers.

You see, back in March I wrote this blog post asking about the version control you use while developing SAS programs:

Based on the _underwhelming_ response, I assumed most SAS programmers were like me and didn't use a version control system because version control is an enterprise thing and I was doing programming on my own or in small teams.  That was until I discovered Git.  Now version control is mine.  It belongs to me and is part of my workflow.  I'm enthusiastic about how it's helped me as a coder.  Hopefully my presentation and paper will share that enthusiasm with you.


  1. Hi Stephen,

    That sounds like a very interesting paper and I'd be keen to read it if it's available after WUSS (are the WUSS papers made available for download like the SAS Global Forum ones?).

    I used to use Subversion for managing changes to SAS code and SAS deployment directory configuration files in the past. For my own Java and SAS development I now use git, primarily for the benefits of offline commits etc. Unless someone is really into VCS' and the concepts I'd probably still tend to recommend Subversion for version control at SAS sites due to it being a little simpler to understand and the wider availability of good GUI tools (including SAS Data Integration Studio support). My personal preference is still git though and Source
    Tree on the Mac is my favourite GUI client when not using the command line.

    Just the other day a friend send me a link to a neat visualization/cheatsheet of the git commands and the scope of their impact. When I saw your tweet I thought you might be interested in it too:


  2. @Paul: you can read WUSS papers (and so much more!) at

    Stephen, look forward to reading your paper. As I am one of many SAS programmers who has never worked somewhere with a real version control system. Thanks!

  3. I'm also looking forward to reading this paper. I love using Git for version control for R and Python, but I'm just starting out with SAS so would like to see how others are using these two together. When do you expect the paper will be available for reading?

  4. @Paul: That Git cheat sheet is awesome. Super productivity enhancer!

    Also, thanks for your thoughts on Subversion. And I hadn't seen Source Tree on the Mac. I use a git bundle with Textmate, but the screenshots look good enough that I might have to change my setup.

  5. Check out my comments I just added to your March post.

    Is the one to read :-)


  6. Hi Stephen,
    So now that WUSS is over, are you planning to post the paper here? Looks like WUSS hasn't made the proceedings available yet, as far as i see.

  7. Yes, the paper is available here:

    I will also be putting more post-WUSS stuff up soon! -s

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