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Thursday, March 08, 2012

SAS-Resources Site

Man it has been a long time since I updated this blog! But I have a good excuse. I have been working on a new site to share SAS stuff.

There are already sites for programmers to share information, why would you create another one? Good question!

Pretty much the top three online resources are:, SAS-L, and forums.

SAS-L is an awesome way to get questions answered quickly. If you've got a SAS related question, SAS-L is probably the best place to get it answered. Its user community is nothing short of amazing. However, an email list is not a very good platform to search for, view, and store information.

Same thing with the forums at They are great for getting questions answered. And forums are a little more information friendly for searching, etc. But their main drawback is that threads lose visibility as they age.

The site is a better platform for sharing information. It allows users to create content through articles/pages. It has a tip of the day. It lets users comment on the content that people have shared. But... it uses a wiki format. It's probably just me, but I just cannot get my head around it. I find it confusing as all hell to use.

There are also some other online resources such as blogs, facebook, linked-in, analytic-bridge, etc. These each have their own pluses and minuses, but unfortunately it means a lot of good information gets spread across multiple places.

So I wanted to build a site that will:
Provide one place for SAS programmers to learn from and share with other SAS programmers.
Be dead simple to use.
Reward users for providing good content.
Allow content that users like to bubble-up and be more visible.
Be fun to develop and fun to use.

So those were the requirements I set out for myself a few months ago and here is the result (so far).

Please check it out and maybe share a code recipe, or two, or a few!

Any comments, questions, recommendations are always welcome. Thanks! -s


  1. A couple of issues:

    1. I signed up and posted a macro. I cannot figure out how to fix tags if they are entered incorrectly.

    2. The blue background on the footer makes the text impossible to read. Perhaps white foreground would be better.

    3. The site is simple. I like that aspect.

    4. You should have a link to your email on the site. I have my email all over my website and don't get spam from it. Either that or a contact us form. Simple to do using php or other technologies. I am happy to share that php code if needed.

    Good start.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Thanks a bunch for the feedback. I changed the footer font. I still have to write the code to edit the tags. I had put off the "contact us" form because I didn't want to waste a bunch of time configuring for sendmail ports, etc until I found a happy server home. Now that the site is hosted I should probably get on that.

      Thanks for the php offer. I am using Ruby on Rails.

      And I really like your macro. It's a nice straightforward example of using proc http.

  2. re It uses the same platform as wikipedia, which is successful on a massive scale.

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