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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

New SAS Job Site

Well, I finally got my new site up and running. It is a job site specifically for SAS programmers looking for SAS jobs in the US.

I switched the URL from this blog to the new site yesterday. Hopefully it won't be too confusing to people while Google updates their index. This blog can always be reached at

If you are a recruiter, please hop on over to and create some job listings. The first three are free!

One of the hardest parts of getting a web site going is bootstrapping the content (job postings in this case). A lot of times what sites do is host content from affiliate sites to make it look like they have online traction. But this is frustrating for the users because when they click on the job it will send them off to jobs-network, or career-network, or jobs-ring, or some other affiliate site. You end up feeling like they're less interested in showing you the job than they are in harvesting your email address.

I thought about using affiliate content, but one of the things that I hope will set apart from the others, is no affiliate listings. Cheap affiliate listings make it too easy for someone, anyone to create a job (that may or may not actually exist) and then pay .02 for every person that gets fooled into providing their email address when they apply. No thanks.

So I decided to launch the site "empty" and rely on time/perseverance/luck to get content. Did I mention the first 3 are free? :)

Please do check out the site, and any feedback is always appreciated. Either in the comments here or stephen at sas coders dot com.

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  1. I appreciate your approach to the job site. As a contractor for many years, I have depended upon job sites to connect with agencies. You are so correct that many of these job sites are actually just wheelhouses and send you off to all kinds of places - or every job is "no longer available". Thanks for your work and I'll stay in touch with the job site.