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Friday, December 11, 2009

Some Preliminaries

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am going to build a new site dedicated to SAS jobs. Before I actually start coding the site, there are some preliminary decisions that need to be made. I have already decided to use Ruby on Rails for the framework. I have just started learning it and so far I like what I have seen. I have also decided on my host already. Although nearly every host says they support hosting RoR, most don'tdo a very good job. I have test driven with another small site I built and they do a great job. They will essentially host everything for free while you mock it up and you can buy more resources if you ever need to. They are also an exclusive RoR host so they have tailored the develop, test, deploy environment to Rails' unique agile nature. Choosing as my provider also forces me to use git as my version control. Heroku seamlessly uses git as part of the workflow and it works very very nicely.

Now that I have gotten the preliminary decisions out of the way I will be able to develop some simple use cases and models and start coding my app.

Oh, and I will be doing all of the development on my macbook running OSX with Xcode3 and using mySql as the development database.

Below are the books that I am using to help guide me along the learning path. I have all three books on my desk and I can say with confidence that all three are very good.


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  1. Why build from scratch when you can use a quality open source project?