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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SAS Programming Google Search

I have added a custom SAS programming search button to the top of this blog. It is done through Google Co-op and should offer better SAS programming search results than just searching the web.

You can use it directly from this blog, or you can add it to your Google homepage. To add it to your Google homepage click on the button "Add To Google".

I have not added/filtered many sites in it yet, but already I can see the results are more specific for SAS programming than just searching the web.

If you see sites that don't belong in the search result or if you know of a site that should have appeared in a search result but for some reason didn't, please comment here. The more I am able to refine the results, the better the SAS programming search will be. Soon, I would also like to start taging the sites in the search results. If you have suggestions for tags, that would be useful too.
Happy Searching!

1 comment:

  1. i started one like this a few months ago. it focuses on sas news group posts, conference proceedings, and samples straight from SAS. it's kind of like the lex jansen search.