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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Documentation Tools

What tool do you use to document systems built with SAS? By "system" I am thinking of a solution built out of multiple programs. I have traditionally used excel and dropped boxes and lines everywhere a-la visio to diagram program flow. I'll be the first to admit; it's not perfect, but it works. Kinda.

Are there any good open-source tools that you like to use to do this type of system documentation?


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  2. I read this post a couple of weeks ago, and I must admit that I could very well recognize the "use excel, 'cause it kinda works"-approach that you described...

    Now I check in a few days later, and the only answer you got to your post is just yasr (yet another silly recruiter) - shame on the sas readers of your blog (myself included) for not sharing some ideas.

    However, a quick google gave me this site:

    - apart from that, there's the draw component of OpenOffice, as well as Gimp, which possibly has some plugins to help when drawing system diagrams.

  3. Well, the silly recruiters gotta eat too, but there IS a certain lameness to spamming blogs. Personally, that would put him in the same category as the recruiter that calls and says, I see on your resume that you know 'S' 'A' 'S'. My client is looking for someone who knows 'S' 'A' 'S' and preferably some 'C pound'...

    No thanks.

    Danny (or any future recruiters-- you can't really dismiss them so we might as well help them out), I suggest maybe replying to a few posts with something meaningful (work to ingratiate yourself into the community you are trying to make a buck off) and then offer your services. Works out better for all of us.

    And for god's sakes man, don't put your phone number into an internet blog post. It just looks so um, desperate. Credit card numbers are certainly encouraged though.

    Claus, thanks for reading. Now that I have (finally!) finished my little SUGI paper I will have time to check out your suggestion.